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The dimensions of the stand is 5.5mtrs East to West and 5mtrs North to South

Our requirements are as follows :-
Walls :- White and system frame in Silver or White and System frame in Dark blue.
Carpet :- Dark blue
Lettering / Logo :- Dark Blue

In the stand we have the following requirements :-

1. We require a kitchen of dimensions 2mtrs x 1.5mtr which should be in the North west corner of the stand and the equipment required in the kitchen is as follows :-

A. Sink with water heater
B. Refridgerator
C. Coffee Machine
Two additional socket outlets (230V) to be also provided

There should be 6 shelves provided , 3 on each wall for storage of food stuff and spare catalogs
The Kitchen should have a ceiling light .

This kitchen should have a door (Can be folding) facing outside and it should be seperated from the lockable cabin by a curtain .

2. Next to the kitchen we require a lockable cabin which should be in the South West corner of the stand and the dimension should be about 2.5mtrs x 3mtrs .

Inside the lockable cabin we require the following :-

Seating Unit -

1 Round Table of about 70 Cms diameter and it should be white in colour
2. Four Chairs with Dark Blue or Black upholstery
3. One Lockable side board
4. One coat stand
5. one additional socket outlet (230V) to be also provided close to the table .
This lockable cabin should have a door (Can be folding) facing outside and it should be seperated from the kitchen by a curtain .

The walls of the lockable cabin can be plexiglass and when required for privacy white colour blinds should be provided . The cabin should have a ceiling with ceiling light .

2 showcases (column type) with lighting from top of internal dimension 40cm x 40 cms with 3 glass shelves frame to be in silver or dark blue .
Socket outlet (230V) to be provided for each show case.

Outside the lockable cabin there should be a counter / bar style, provided with 3 bar stools and one socket outlet ( 230V) to be provided .

Two smaller HTR logos to be provided at two ends of the stand on the facia and on the facia we should have the words HI-TECH RESISTORS in the centre .

This area is for visitors to be entertained in case the cabin is occupied .

A brochure stand in either silver /grey or dark blue to be provided

The stand should have a tower construction with a triangular shape on top of about 2 mtrs and height of 1mtr so that of all 3 sizes we can have the large HTR logo and it can be seen from far .

Sufficient spot lights to be provided if necessary in the ceiling construction of the facia so that the outside area, that is the area apart from kitchen and lockable cabin are also nicely lit.

In the North West corner of the stand that is where the kitchen is there will be a blank wall of 1.5 mtrs by about 3 mtrs so we plan to hang a graphic design on it so provision should be made for this and two long arm 80W spot lights should be provided from top so that the graphic wall design can be illuminated .
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