Starting out stable

Germany is not wobbling as an exhibition powerhouse. Asia may be booming, but exhibitors still also rely on business close to home

They - the exhibitors - don't believe Germany is suffering as a trade show location. Its image is right, and as the world's top exhibition country, it's not selling itself too cheaply. That at least is the opinion of 64 % of the companies m+a quizzed on the subject. Optimism abounds, and buoyed by a similarly good order position to 2006 exhibitors can look forward to an interesting exhibition year. And even if orders do turn out lower than the previous year, this is made up for by the rising level of investment. Yet for almost 65 % of respondents, reports like that on the "decline" of CeBIT certainly do have an impact. Even companies from other sectors are following with interest developments at the world's biggest fair in Hanover. But more important to exhibitors than public discussion on the future of the IT show is how they compare with competitors at their own industry fairs. Here, slight shifts in focus are evident in comparison to last year. Both the competitor's placement at the fair and the stand architecture are of greater interest to the respondents. More than 80 % of corporate exhibitors consider comparison important here. Classical marketing tools such as literature and promotion gifts are receiving more attention again. Less significance is attached to the neighbouring exhibitor's stand dimensions. When it comes to square meterage, size doesn't always matter. But product presentation remains paramount. Exhibition appearances still revolve around new product developments. All the companies interviewed have their eyes riveted on what their rivals are doing in this respect.

m+a report Nr.1 / 2007 vom 13.02.2007
m+a report vom 13. Februar 2007