Editorial m+a report No. 1 / 2007 from Feb 13, 2007

Belt-tightening is passé, investment backlogs are beginning to be worked off - a trend also signalled by trade fairs. Companies are putting their products and services on show more actively again, and exhibitor numbers are on the ascent. The demand side is taking advantage of supply, with events registering rising domestic and international attendance.
Companies are investing not just in pure-play participations, but in attention-grabbing appearances - and not only in monetary terms. Exhibitors are devoting more thought to how they portray themselves. Stand architecture is coming into its own - the sizzle sells the steak. Little details that have been given rather short shrift in recent years are gaining increasing prominence.
Every dimension deserves to be staged, as not only exhibition executives are aware. So investment is naturally also made in design, as the gateway to the brand. Design confers identity, it's a turn on, it's seductive, unique. Sometimes design also polarises. At a successful exhibition appearance, companies and brands can be better experienced with all the senses than through any other medium. That's why it is worth exhibitors while to go their own ways, to dare to test the boundaries and to place their appearance in a very special and exceptional setting. There are many ways of doing this - particularly in the trade fair and exhibition world. Reason enough to give the subject matter broad scope. Like design itself, our special feature sets out to turn our readers into inquisitive discoverers, to offer suggestions and give them ideas. It begins on page 58.
Enjoy some informative reading.

m+a report Nr.1 / 2007 vom 13.02.2007
m+a report vom 13. Februar 2007