Sow, cultivate, reap

The economy has picked up and with it acceptance for trade fairs. More companies are exhibiting again. At the same time the debate on exhibition efficiency is cooling. But follow-up is part of exhibition work. It remains pivotal. That said, potential still continues to be squandered, mainly in exhibition follow-through. Exhibition organisers report growth in the proportion of contented exhibitors. Most of them, evidently satisfied even after a time interval, book the next edition. Off the record, however, insiders speak of fluctuation rates between 20 and 30 %. There are many reasons for this. Sometimes the wrong exhibitions were chosen or not enough made of the opportunities. The Messe Institut in Laubenheim / Nahe, a supplier of specialist trade fair seminars in addition to its research work, highlights the key levers for improving exhibition efficiency: strategic planning, preparation of stand personnel, exhibition follow-up and controlling. The Institute regularly quizzes the participants in its specialised events on exhibition project management and exhibition efficiency, asking where they perceive major potential for improvement in their company. The participants from medium-sized and big companies, some with many years of exhibition experience, rate exhibition follow-up as the most important starting point, with 21.3 % potential for improvement.

m+a report Nr.1 / 2007 vom 13.02.2007
m+a report vom 13. Februar 2007