EVA award winners 2006

The Forum of Marketing Event Agencies (FME) has honoured 14 out of 96 submitted projects with an Event Award (EVA). The main criteria of the adjudicating panel: especially experience-oriented and successfully communicated marketing messages.

Consumer events
Bronze: X-BOX experience, Vienna
Jury's statement: The concept succeeded in establishing a youth-oriented link between gaming and music. The product was staged credibly and authentically for the target group but without pandering to it. The targets set were more than met.Event agencies: KOOP Live Marketing GmbH & Co. KG, Vienna and mc events & musicpromotion GmbH, Vienna
Commissioned by: Microsoft Austria GmbH, Vienna

Corporate events
Gold: Surpassing boundaries with energy. The corporate convention 2005 of E.ON Energie, Varna (Bulgaria)
Jury's statement: The concept and implementation impressed with their courage. It takes courage for an agency to propose such a challenging concept. It takes courage for a client to implement such a concept. This award is for the courage needed to overcome boundaries and for the excellent implementation to equal degrees. The motivating effect on the employees was long-lasting.
Commissioned by: E.ON Energie AG, Munich
Event agency: circ corporate experience gmbh & co. kg, Wiesbaden
Important partners: 3deluxe graphics and Heinrich Fiedeler Industrial Design, both in Wiesbaden

Silver: "Driven by the C", Balearic Islands, Porsche Dealers Convention
Jury's statement: Extraordinary: presentation of two vehicles on an equal footing in one event. Unusual: using a cruise-liner as a training centre. The choice of the islands was in keeping with the vehicles, the time on the cruise-liner was optimally used for workshops, boredom or idle time were wholly absent from this implementation with two attractive vehicle presentations.
Commissioned by: Dr. Ing. h. c. F. Porsche AG, Ludwigsburg
Event agency: max.sense Marketing GmbH, Groß-Gerau
Important partner: D-Company Incentivos S.L:, Barcelona

Bronze: Literary soirée. Reading gala in the new Hôtel Concorde Berlin
Jury's statement: The literary soirée was a successful way of staging an extraordinary hotel opening that simultaneously presented the capability of the hotel and promoted a social issue. The simple and well executed idea coupled with a charity event drew media attention that would not have been possible with a "normal" hotel opening.
Commissioned by: Hôtel Concorde Berlin
Event agency: eventlabs GmbH, Hamburg
Important partner: Bundesverband Alphabetisierung und Grundbildung e. V., Münster

Bronze: Annual convention of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft 2005 - New Dimensions - Virtual Worlds, Magdeburg
Jury's statement: A challenging and unusual multimedia concept was conceived for the conservative target group that was every bit a modern event. The achievements of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft and its researchers were successfully expressed in a tangible, lively and understandable form.
Commissioned by: Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft e. V., Munich
Event agency: multitask Eventmarketing GmbH, Berlin

Charity/social/cultural events
Special prize: Vigil and final mass of the XX World Youth Day 2005 in Cologne
Jury's statement: A superlative logistical and organisational achievement in which a dignified framework was created for a papal mass without placing the focus on the technology.
Commissioned by: Weltjugendtag GmbH, Cologne
Event agency: Bilfinger Berger AG - ARGE Marienfeld, Cologne
Important partner: HSG Technischer Service GmbH, Cologne

Exhibition events
Gold: The Knowledge of the World - Spoken Opera for 30 + 1 Voice, Frankfurt Book Fair
Jury's statement: "The Knowledge of the World" was an appealing staging that addressed all the senses and was completely in keeping with the quality standard of Brockhaus. Oversized books created a distinctive symbol of the stability and credibility of the Brockhaus brand that exceeded all expectations in its public effect. The publicity in the press ensured the product and the event were known not only outside the trade fair but also outside Germany.
Commissioned by: Bibliographisches Institut & F. A. Brockhaus AG, Mannheim
Event agency: Milla und Partner Agentur & Ateliers, Stuttgart
Important partners: BBDO Campaign, Stuttgart; WSV Gruppe, Langenzenn

Bronze: Haniel Exhibition 2006, Duisburg
Jury's statement: The variety, history and future of the company were suitably and transparently presented by the exhibition and for the target group. For four months, a large number of internal and external visitors attended the exhibition, which made the finale in which the guest book was published especially exciting.
Commissioned by: Franz Haniel & Cie. GmbH, Duisburg
Event agency: facts + fiction GmbH, Cologne
Important partner: Klartext Grafik Messe Event GmbH, Willich

Employee events
Gold: Union Investment "mitMenschen 2006", Frankfurt/Hamburg/Luxembourg
Jury's statement: Team building of a special kind: Employees "donate" their free time for social commitment and thus create a lasting experience with a high identification potential. Everything from selection of the projects to joint work on recreational equipment and rooms for and together with children was a special experience that created a union with the personal investment made.
Commissioned by: Union Asset Management Holding AG, Frankfurt
Event agency: Quasar Communications GmbH, Wiesbaden

Silver: "The time is ripe for a change" - employee event with a guerrilla marketing effect, Berlin
Jury's statement: This event succeeded in combining an incentive and a marketing campaign in such a way that both components were able to benefit from the synergy effects.
Commissioned by: Exact Software Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG, Aschheim
Event agency: Marketing And More GmbH, Munich

Bronze: Zurich Managers Convention Sales - "Playing up front", Bonn
Jury's statement: A team building implementation with successful contents and visual appearance, consistent target group orientation and a motivating effect, using the example of football at a time when everyone was looking forward to the World Cup.
Event agency: face to face GmbH, Cologne
Commissioned by: Zurich Gruppe Deutschland, Bonn

Public Events
Gold: "Walk of Ideas" - A stroll through ideas from Germany, Berlin
Jury's statement: The core of the brand "Germany" was conveyed in a fascinating way without putting off or alarming people from other countries. The note of national pride and future orientation was successfully hit without the use of words. The continuation of the "You are Germany" campaign in public spaces impressed by its media effect.
Commissioned by: FC Deutschland GmbH, Berlin
Event agency: Scholz & Friends Sensai GmbH, Berlin
Important partners: United Visions TV & Film Productions, Berlin; Eberle & Eisfeld, Berlin; Prestel Verlag, Munich-Berlin-London-New York; Edag Engineering & Design AG, Fulda

Silver: KUNST|RAD - Museum Riverside Festival Frankfurt 2005
Jury's statement: Once again, the contents of Frankfurt's museums were impressively staged. This succeeded with much public attention and attractive aesthetics. It is noteworthy that the spectators were able to intervene in the presentation interactively.
Commissioned by: Tourismus + Congress GmbH, Frankfurt
Event agency: Atelier Markgraph GmbH, Frankfurt
Important partners: meso | digital media systems design, Frankfurt; Aufwärts Projektagentur, Oberursel; Dietrich Körner, Cologne

Bronze: ING-DiBa Ice house in six German cities
Jury's statement: A campaign that turned the notion of transparency into a tangible experience and achieved a lasting boost for the brand with its media effect. An example of how networked communication can work.
Event agency: facts + fiction GmbH, Cologne
Commissioned by: ING-DiBa AG, Frankfurt
Important partners: Funk Int. Ice Carving GmbH, Beselich

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